Tram or bus itineraries

UZ Brussel is served by the buses of the De Lijn and the MIVB-STIB. Both operate a good service. Tram 9 (MIVB-STIB) also stops at the hospital’s main entrance.


Number Trajectory
MIVB/STIB Tram 9 Simonis - UZ Brussel - Dikke Beuk/Arbre Ballon
MIVB/STIB Bus 13 Simonis - UZ-VUB
MIVB/STIB Bus 14 Noordstation/Gare du Nord -  UZ-VUB
MIVB/STIB Bus 53 Militair Hospitaal/Hôpital militaire - UZ-VUB
MIVB/STIB Bus 84 Berchem Station/Gare de Berchem - UZ Brussel - Heizel/Heisel
De Lijn Bus 245 Dendermonde - UZ Brussel -  Noordstation/Gard du Nord
De Lijn Bus 820 Dilbeek - UZ Brussel - Zaventem

Detailed timetables