The European Face Centre, in conjunction with Orthoface bvba, offers the following positions.


Visitor opportunities are available for any graduate in a health care field who wishes to visit for a few days to 1 week.


Internships of 1- to 6-month durations are available for medical students at Belgian universities.

Observerships (without language exam)

Observerships of up to 1 month are offered for undergraduate and postgraduate health care professionals. Observers shall not participate in direct patient care or management, and certificates will not be issued.


Preceptorships of up to 6 months are available for persons with a Belgian license in a health care field. Preceptorships do not require a Dutch language exam.

Clinical Fellowships

Clinical fellowships of 6 months to 1 year are available for persons with Belgian certification of a medical degree. Clinical fellowships require a Dutch language exam and can be salaried positions. Clinical Fellows have patient responsibilities as part of an Advanced Specialty Training Programme (for example, the EACMFS cosmetic and plastic facial surgery programme).

Research Fellowships

Research fellowships of more than 3-month durations are available for when grants apply. Research fellowships do not require a Dutch language exam. Although Research Fellows usually do not hold hospital appointments, under certain conditions, Research Fellows may be granted appointments as observers. Research Fellows have no authorisation for any form of patient contact whatsoever, even if patient contact is part of a fellow's research project.


Some fellowship salaries or stipends are funded by the professorial chair or research grants. Other fellowships are not funded, and require the fellows to provide for their own living expenses.

For all fellowships, funded or unfunded, all fellows are required to demonstrate that they have adequate funds to support their living expenses during their time in Brussels. 


For more information, please contact Prof. Dr. Mommaerts at maxfac@uzbrussel.be.